About the Book

This book of new photographs is the first of a planned series. It is an accordion book of a panoramic landscape that merges photographs from Rome and Minneapolis. I chose the title Roam to echo the easy rambling between time and space. This panorama is laid out as a line, with components of then, now, there, and here sitting next to each other. From a distance this looks like a logical landscape, but time is surely more plane than line, more liquid than solid.

The components of Roam are assembled in the way my eye recognizes similar forms. They get sort of shuffled and moved around until my brain creates some kind of order. The structures in my photographs were all built at different times, whether a single day or two centuries apart, and they also occupy different topographical territory. My book depicts this random state of reality. Some of the pages have crisp delineations between them, while others escape their page and bleed onto the next. This is how memory works, and it also describes the artificial markers we impose on time. Each structure therefore works more as an emblem of universal experience. Space and time are shared.

In life, my eye and brain crop things out all of the time. So too does my camera lens. By whiting out the skies (echoing Victorian expedition photographs) and drawing new horizons, I use this subtraction/alteration of context to change the meaning of the monuments. By slicing through people, cars, etc, I’m not removing them completely or pretending they are not there. On the contrary, I’m noting their presence. It’s like revealing the strata of time.


Book Details

This book is 8.25 x 6.25 inches
Ink on paper, linen covers
Photographed, illustrated, designed, and constructed by the artist